Palava – Just Look Into My Eyes, single review

Throw a stone anywhere in Manchester City Centre, and chances are, it’ll hit an indie band. That’s not journalistic hyperbole, that’s just how many there are in Manchester at any given time. Thankfully for four-piece Palava, they do things a little differently.

With a smattering of singles ranging from as far back as 2017, Palava is a band you might already be familiar with, but their latest single “Just Look Into My Eyes” feels like the band taking things to the next level.

That doesn’t mean to say it’s too far removed from their previous offerings, there’s still the trademark riffs and timeless vocal delivery, but there’s been a definite increase in both the band’s scope and ambition.

Riffs feel weightier, and more deftly executed. A breakdown at the half-way point showcases just how far Palava have come on since their last release; vocal harmonies falling away in favour of some seriously impressive guitar work.

Of course, with the emphasis on classic and modern rock much stronger than ever before, there’s a chance that Palava might well find some of their more fairweather fans erring on the side of caution with this one. It is after all their heaviest track to date.

That shouldn’t deter Palava though, in fact, it should do the opposite. This is the sound of a band at their boldest and most confident yet, and if that means they need to eschew what little indie influence they had, they’ll be all the better for it.

You can catch Palava live at Gullivers, Manchester on 21st August.

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