PALMIST – If This is Love

A band that has been on my radar for a while to check out, it’s great to finally sit down and find out what all the buzz is about. Essex-based dance-rock band PALMIST are destined to get you on your feet and jiving away to their infectious music.

Shifting from their arena-rock sounds of their debut EP ‘The Walls Between You & I’, ‘If This is Love may be more commercial, but it’s still easily identifiable PALMIST’s own. Seeming to be following wherever the wind may take them, it feels that the collective have certainly found their calling in this gorgeous soundscape.

If This Is Love” may have a title that feels like it should have been placed in the eighties but it’s certainly current to the times. Sharing their thoughts on how challenging times are if you’re in a relationship, the track is about staying faithful to your partner no matter what.

Detailing to never care about the people that also care for you, this hypnotising offering specialises in creating a safe haven for people across the globe.

Having been out into the world for hardly even a week, the track has connected with over 1,500 people on Spotify alone and we can easily see this becoming PALMIST’s most successful track to date. Turn up the volume, stick a good pair of headphones on.