Papa Rua – G.B.T.M

Irish singer/songwriter Papa Rua has released his latest single G.B.T.M’ with an inspiring goal to shed light on male vulnerability. Believing that the music industry is crowded with hyper-masculinity, Papa Rua has provided us with a narrative that contradicts the expectations of men, and instead, portrays the insecurities he, and many other people may have. So, with lyrics that are set to touch the heart, and a melody provided to soothe the soul, this song is bound to be the perfect companion for many of us out there.

Running in at just under 4:20, it is safe to say ‘G.B.T.M’ isn’t a snippet of a song. But, with a talent like Papa Rua, how could that possibly be a bad thing? With only more time to deliver his effortless talents to the world, you will find yourself never wanting the song to end.

Channelling his inner roots; the opening of the track provides us with a taste of rich Irish hip hop. It’s groovy, it’s slick, but most importantly, it’s intriguing – intriguing to the point where you are instantly left wondering which direction the song is going to take, and, you are not even three seconds in.

After a subtle, yet calming intro, you are then welcomed by the deep vocals of Papa himself. Opening with a line that instantly grabs your attention, the words “Think I am in trouble again, didn’t hear from my stranger’s friend” are delivered in style to leave any listener to interpret them in their own way. And this is something maintained throughout the whole song. Likewise, you can’t help but feel attached to the raw emotion being omitted from Papa. In each word he sings, and each note that’s hit, your heartstrings are pulled that little bit tighter and before you know it an uproar of emotions are fired from your body.

Moving on from the lyrics, I had to mention the beautiful instrumentation that ‘G.B.T.M’ carries. Produced in a way to highlight that sometimes less is more, the musical components of the song are certainly kept simple. First, you have the melody, which, apart from the distant chimes of a soulful synth, is purely created through Papa’s vocals.

It’s so angelic and light that you feel as though you’re floating on a cloud heading to a destination that could only be as peaceful as the song itself. But then, you have the beats. Lionhearted and strong, this is where your head starts to become lost. How can a song make you feel so peaceful yet carry such a punchy rhythm? The answer is unknown. But your body will be loving the feeling either way.

G.B.T.M‘ is a finger-clicking, foot-tapping, head swaying kind of song. And with such powerful lyricism, this 4-minute musical mastery certainly does have it all. So make sure to give it a listen as you won’t be disappointed.