Paper Ship – Painted Red

Alternative rock-inspired trio Paper Ship create unapologetic music with a huge middle finger up to any sort of establishment. “Painted Red” is their latest offering, and is coated with metal and electronic elements within it’s core.

More and more artists are featuring politics within their craft and Paper Ship do just that too. What makes them stand out from the rest though is how they don’t want to please anyone and just want to create music that means something to them.

“Painted Red” feels like it’s been taking from the Nu-Metal 2000’s era, added some European flavour and put on a fresh face. A rebellious single that tells the tale of hatred for political corruption, it doesn’t matter what views you may have, everyone can certainly relate to this track in some way. Instrumentally, the metal number isn’t complex and situates around a quite simple chord progression.

Vocally, the vocals are quite gothic and feel slightly sinister in parts, delivering a captivating performance suited to political rock.

Lively and hard-hitting, the grunge-infused anthem features a punk nature that could instantly start a revolution. Stating that enough is enough and voicing their views, Paper Ship aren’t frightened to speak their thoughts and that’s another factor of their passionate character.

Riotous and uncompromising, “Painted Red” isn’t for the faint-hearted.