Parson City : Hypocrite

Whilst searching through new music this week, the ‘joy’ of social media brought me to a band which I had not heard of previously, called Parson City. Intrigued by the picture of the band, I listened to the new release Hypocrite and I was sold.

Parson City describe themselves as Black Country Sludge Metal, and are based in the midlands town of Dudley. This is appropriate as this track is a dead ringer for the song War Pigs. I don’t know if this was done deliberately as a tribute or that there is just something in the water in that part of the world. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t in any way a rip off, it is just a real epic tune which starts with a slow, low, droning guitar which builds and builds and becomes really massive in the same way War Pigs does. 

In truth it actually has more in common with the Faith No More version of War Pigs as the lead singer Kyle Roberts has a sonic resemblance to Mike Patton, but all in all this is a rip roaring ride of heavy metal glory as far as I am concerned.

Its hard to give any negatives for this track as I really like it. All I can say is that if you don’t like War Pigs or 90’s rock bands like Faith No More, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and so on then you won’t like this.

 But if you do…..