Pascxl – The Moon Is Not Enough

A heartache fuelled piece full of tender lyrics and smooth instrumentals, The Moon Is Not Enough feels like peering through a keyhole into the deepest recesses of Pascxl. The results are awe inspiring and gut wrenchingly melancholy in equal measures.

Despite self-identifying as an ‘Indie-pop’ artist, this track takes blues vibes and overlays them with her hellishly hopeless-romantic lyrics to create a deeply honest and heartfelt story of love and loss. “I love you to the moon, but you were gone too soon” she swoons atop the eternally soothing rhythms which accompany them, with a deep sense of sadness, almost self-loathing ever present in the vocals.

Though on the surface it does feel a rather dark track, at its core it is refreshingly pure. Self-recorded and produced, it carries a real sense of soul bearing and truth with it. Despite the feeling of grievance over lost love, there is still an undeniable resilience in their sound, full of power and hope lying deep within it.

The most impressive element she brings to this track is arguably the balance she finds within it. Her ability to convey such emotion yet still create a track with in enjoyable and easy to listen to is testament to her canny ability both with the pen and with the mixing board. The shared energy of her vocals and the instrumentals is apparent throughout, complimenting each other effortlessly and heavenly, proving that her DIY approach is paying off.

The Moon Is Not Enough feels like the start of something for Pascal. Anyone who can produce real emotion through such subtlety should be celebrated and celebrated she will be, as anyone who hears her music will not soon forget her name.