Paul Fletcher And The Dukes – Fool In Love With You

Sheffield’s Paul Fletcher and The Dukes showcase a softer side with latest single ‘Fool In Love With You’.
The third release from the well-awaited album ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ – this two-and-a-half minute track is certainly a change of pace from those before it.

Opening with a beautifully melancholic piano which gently builds as Fletcher pours out his heartache – the opening line “I’m gonna put my shoes on and walk away” resigning a painful acceptance that many of us may
have felt seeing an ex moving on.  

The entrance of rousing strings brings a sense of optimism and fullness to the track that carries it through from bittersweet breakup to pensive reflection.

“I won’t write a love song for you / Just a song that when I go you will want to come to.”
Fletcher’s voice on this gives us strong Lennon/McCartney vibes – a lost Beatles number with electrifying reverbed vocals laced with emotion.

Bringing to mind that old Alfred, Lord Tennyson quote “Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” – this track marks the effect relationships have on our lives and what we learn from them.
It’s been in Fletcher’s repertoire for a while, but there’s a reason – its painfully relatable. This relatability runs throughout Fletcher’s tunes regardless of style, pace or sound – a connection with those listening and an assurance that we all may be fools, but it’ll get better.