Paul Fletcher And The Dukes – No More Tears

In the latest single lifted from recent record ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ – Paul Fletcher & The Dukes channel loss and reflection with ‘No More Tears.

Released back in May, the album was produced by Dave Sanderson (of Reverend and The Makers, 65 Days of Static fame) and takes a deeply personal approach whilst keeping a relatability listeners can tap into. 

‘No More Tears’ follows this very formula. Written about Paul’s father who passed away in his youth, this intimate experience transcends the grief felt and turns into a kind of love song, albeit laced with melancholy. A celebration of someone who is no longer here, but remains an influence on those they left behind. Lyrically there’s a real sense of reflection and perhaps a long overdue venting of emotions.
“I’d be foolish not to wish that you were looking down on me..”
Losing a loved one is a universal experience and after the tears have dried – time gives us the chance to look back and appreciate the memories.
“I’m not sad it’s gone. Just grateful that it came” 

Running at a good 4 minutes 35 seconds it’s certainly no ditty, yet the steady pace and punchy tempo give it that upbeat sound. Gated reverb drums, buzzy guitars and twinkling keys are peppered throughout as Fletcher’s vocals are probably the strongest we’ve heard them.

The artist said about the single “I think everything that I want to say about that situation is in that song and I think anybody that’s been in that situation, it says it for them as well”.
And it does. ‘No More Tears’ reminds us that what we remember will always live on. 

Also on RGM ????