Paul Fletcher and the Dukes – Starts And Ends With You

We’ve all been there before. Where you’re world becomes all about one person. You could even say that your world starts and ends with them. You might’ve guessed by now, but that feeling is exactly what Sheffield-based artist Paul Fletcher’s new single is about.

This new track becomes the second to be released from his upcoming album ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ under the moniker of Paul Fletcher & the Dukes.

What can only be described as a synth-indie mashup, based on the first 30 seconds you probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you it was something from Blossoms. It definitely does have that Manchester twang to it that we’ve heard so many times before.

That is not intended as an insult, as there’s good reason we’ve heard it before. It’s because it works. Paul Fletcher is showing quite clearly that he has the ability to follow this trend. The track goes through the motions like a rollercoaster, and if that wasn’t enough a catchy chorus is there as the cherry on top.

What’s impressive is the balance of new and old. Fletcher honours some of the best northern music of the past whilst mixing in an essence of electronic magic.

If you’re finding it hard to imagine what I mean then picture this. You’re in the club and the next song comes on, you think to yourself that it’s a classic 1990s/2000s indie banger but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Then the pulse of synth kicks in, perhaps you were wrong and it’s a standard modern indie-pop track. Then you realise it’s neither, it’s actually the best of both, and 4 minutes later you’ve found a new tune to screech along to.

Why would you rely on that convoluted explanation though when you can just have a listen yourself? 

Starts And Ends With You’ is out now , and Fletcher’s album ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ is out on 22nd April. Give it a spin.