Pax Romana – Waste

‘Who the fuck are Pax Romana?’ That’s the question you’ve gotta ask yourself, because you probably don’t have long before everyone knows the answer. This is a big statement; a short but sweet assault from one of the UK’s most exciting new talents.

Pax Romana are the most exciting thing to come out of Barnsley since, well, Hands Off Gretel (you’ve gotta be fair), but other than that, Pax Romana are the most exciting thing to come out of Barnsley since the Saxon uprising of the 70s and 80s. I’m genuinely floored by this track, just over two minutes long with a nous for theatricality as guitar lines and vocals take turns leading each other through the song.


Production on the song gets a big tick from me, especially with regards to Pax Romana’s rhythm section. It drives right into you throughout, and when you couple that with these conversational vocals that lurch between a gentle conversation and full on shouting match, you’ve got a track that really packs a punch without detracting from the subtleties of the song-writing.

The way the lead guitar line follows the vocals in the chorus, the way the bassline takes over and dominantly asserts itself in the verses, the gritty punk-like vocals as an entity in their own right: these are why I dig this track. If the next one’s half as good as this, we’ll be the lucky ones.