Peacock Method – I Don’t Mind

Flirtatious and coy, yet recklessly self-assured – Peacock Method’s debut single ‘I Don’t Mind‘ struts boldly to the top of all our playlists.

Despite a mysterious image, the Manchester trio are certainly no strangers to the local scene. Formed from the ashes of two well-regarded bands – musicians Rich, Lucas and Adam come bearing not only a fresh outlook, but some flashy new beats too.

Blending indie-disco, electronica and post-funk, the just-over-three-minute track manages to capture the shifting kaleidoscope of emotions on a night out. From the sober anxiety, the drunken loss of inhibitions to the pure escapism of the club.

With a pulsating bassline, peppy percussion and synthy highlights, ‘I Don’t Mind’ supplies deep grooves and an upbeat danceable quality perfect for filling the floor. A pendulum swings between indifference and playful attraction – with vocalist Adam Kenny’s melodic spoken-word delivery almost hypnotic.
“I don’t mind if you want to dance with me / I feel alive when you get down with me”

There’s a great contrast between the initial playful energy and the slowed down and stripped-backed vibe of the closing. This shift in tempo and textures is accompanied by the haunting backing vocals of Caterina Bustamante – providing a dusky dreamlike disposition to the disco.
“I’m in love with myself but I think my souls on fire”

Perhaps reminiscent in places of Talking Heads and even Ian Dury’s work with The Blockheads – yet refreshing and fun in it’s own right. It’s cocky and it’s colourful – with a trippy music video to boot.
I can’t wait to hear this thumping through the speakers once club-nights return.