Peak Futures – Colours of the Sun

As warm as the title itself, Peak Futures latest album ‘Colours of the Sun’ is certainly set to brighten up your day. An 8-piece hybrid of both rock-tinged guitars and sonic musical blasts, there is something for everyone in this new release.

Setting the bar high for the album, the opening track ‘Orion’ certainly carries a playful personality that is projected vigorously throughout – firstly heard in the cheeky patterns of a synth-infused melody, and then displayed in the joyful vocals delivered by Joe Bernie himself. This perky undertone that the band displays is furthered in their next track ‘Tapestry’.

This time adopting a more percussive rhythm, it’s not long before your feet are tapping, and your head is swaying. Joe’s croons are also not one to disappoint. “It’s a tapestry woven into your heart” he sings with a smooth glide. It’s passionate, raw even, but at the same time, very relaxing.

A unique twist to the album that is very much appreciated is the variety of vocalists who are heard within the tracks. For example, ‘The Tide’ is engulfed in the roaring vocals of Rebecca Freckleton whereas ‘Orion (Reprise)’ is submerged in guttural whispers of singer Pauli the PSM. Both contrasted so beautifully, the trickle of the electric guitar that pours through ‘The Tide’ almost prepares you for the penetrating baseline that carries ‘Orion (Reprise)’.

Taking a bite from a rock-star impassioned lifestyle, the 6th track ‘Juno’ is more than just a headbanger. With an absence of vocals, you are instantly infatuated by the noises being emitted from each musical element. Firstly, the galvanising strums of the guitar ripples through your spine. And then closely followed by the lionhearted beats of the drum – you can’t help but feel this surge to get up and dance as the rhythm ever progressively evolves. Likewise, with the synth making shy appearances throughout the track, the high-pitched tempo it projects acts as harmony in the distance, imitating that of a ghostly chorus of voices. It’s chilling to say the least. But memorable also.

Despite each song in this release carrying their solitary sound, none are quite as breath-taking as the acoustic ballad that is ‘Makes Me Wonder’. Turning down the tempo, this beautiful track certainly left its mark in my mind. And I’m pretty sure it will do the same for you. Saturated in a melody that can only be described as angelic, the piano notes that are intertwined together so carefully cushion the perfect musical bed for the vocals of Eva Brooks . Her breathy delivery of each word she sings is almost as hypnotising as the rhythm itself. You can’t help but feel contempt as this track plays out.

‘Colours of the Sun’ is evidence of Peak Futures’ inexhaustible talent for lyric, melody, and hooks. It has a little bit of everything for everyone.