Peak Futures (ft Joe Bernie) – Orion

Peak futures return with what feel like an acid drenched space exploration all compacted into five wonder filled minutes.

The second single from the soul collective features Joe Bernie on vocals, and a whole lot of experimenting. This unearthly track is comprised of a whole host of weird and wonderful sounds which take you on a journey though outer space, and it is accompanied by an equally striking video.

Orion begins with little more than a few flashes of synth, but slowly it builds, with drums, sharp riffs of guitar and the odd other worldly sound effect before we even arrive at any vocals. The constantly evolving sound further adds to the feeling of a journey captured so beautifully within it, with at different points a sense of foreboding seems to be present, while at others you get a greater impact from the soothing, more soulful tones coming from the instrumentals. All in all this definitely has the feeling of an experience, more than just a song.

The narration to this experience, coming from Joe Bernie’s vocals, could not be more suited to the track either. The powerful tones of his voice have a lot to battle through to come to the fore with so much going on below them, but they manage to, whilst still maintaining a sense of blissfulness.

This track feels like the most organised chaos possible. There is so much going on, so many images conjured up, and yet it still feels organic and carries a real beauty with it, and when accompanied by its video it adds yet more mystique to their creation. A must hear.