Pena Hughes-John – Ghosts Of My Past

Solo artist Pena Hughes-John resides in a strong alternative meets indie soundscape on latest album ‘Ghosts of My Past’. Showcasing an eclectic mixture of every genre under the sun, Pena’s debut release has something for everyone buried in it’s bones. Sounding like Patti Smith, Tori Amos and Kate Bush collaborated, Pena Hughes-John is innovative and creating music that she desires to make.

Recorded at The Lodge Recording Studios in Northampton, ‘Ghosts of My Past’ features 10 songs of pure charisma. An artist that doesn’t want to be limited to one avenue of music, that’s what makes Pena stand out from the crowd.

While the album’s inspiration came from a painful breakup, you could say that Pena going through trauma helped make a fascinating album. Turning that negative situation into a positive, ‘Ghosts of My Past’ is bathed in haunting melodies, ethereal vocals, and addictive instrumentation.

Feeling somewhat like a story, and a concept album as such, ‘Ghosts of My Past‘ deals with themes of heartbreak, ghosts of the past, loss, insomnia and personal situations. A relatable album with a slight gothic attitude, ‘Ghosts of My Past‘ should be in everyone’s collection. While Pena’s vocals aren’t note-perfect, they portray each track’s message with an energetic aura.