Pent Up – Reprise

Stephen Brook aka PENT UP unleashes debut EP ‘Reprise’, an instrumental adventure into the world of classical, contemporary and down-tempo. An artist known for his skills on the piano and through arrangement, Stephen also self-produced the release, making him a diverse instrumentalist. 

‘Dream State’ starts with a contemporary classical face before ending up somewhere between downtempo and trip-hop. With parts of energy, ‘Dream State’ dives through happiness, sorrow and angelic soundscapes. Creating a wonderfully crafted release, the first track of ‘Reprise’ states that it needs your eyes closed, headphones on and full attention. 

‘Emerging from Quiescence’ is a smooth jazz infused number and plays a large part on the release. An emotive journey bathed in charisma, the second single from the release is a big part of Stephen taking the role as a pianist that conveys real emotion and honesty. A warming track that resonates through a low frequency, the ethereal high notes resonate and becomes a composition that you could easily meditate to.

’10 Highs’ comes out of nowhere with an infectious funk rhythm, letting listeners know that Stephen is definitely inspired not only by classical but by percussive elements too. ’10 Highs’ could easily fit in with today’s funk artists like Tom Misch, and could well sit highly on a Spotify playlist destined to make you move.

‘Dream State Lullaby (B-Side)’ takes us back to the very beginning of the release, but this time, with an enchanting lullaby segment. With the original written about Stephen’s constant day-dreaming, the calmness of this number may feel reassurance but it’s chaotic nature embeds a Tsunami mind.

‘Reprise’ is a breathtaking debut from Exeter’s finest piano player.