We review the new single from PerfectParachutePicture – Lonely Landslide

So the new release from PerfectParachutePicture, a band dictated to showing the power of air displacement beyond what even Archimedes could have pre-empted.

This Sheff two-piece (Definitely not like the suit), has been banging out tracks to an audience that knows their vibe. After the gardening leave that bands have been exposed to this is a track that is far more vocally and lyrically driven.

The nudges of Biffy Clyro and the touch of Wolfmother cannot be ignored, those bands being a 3 piece and the PPP a 2. In a sense that does bring up a sense of dirge.

I feel on the recording they could have gone that bit further, we know that they are a 2 piece, but some separate Bass guitar, would allow the guitar a bit more freedom. and even a little bit of backing vocals could have taken this track onto that next level, giving their diehards a recording persona as appose to live.

I don’t think anyone can miss the irony of being the Perfect Parachute Picture, but I think there’s more from them if they’d just blow their own trumpets a bit more. If you like a verbal reel with some banging beats you will not be disappointed, However, I do worry they’re voyaging into an indie ocean, which is not really their paddle.

Put these are two lads in a canoe and the music’s not ripple making, its rapids!