Perfectparachutepicture : Cigarettes

An ethereal train of power, ‘Cigarettes’ is a new tune that chugs along steel tracks, ploughing straight into the Fat Controller leaving behind scattered viscera. This song represents the splattering of blood across the face of an unsuspecting bystander. Although not a departure, the single serves as an impressive consolidation of what makes PPP major players in the UK Alternative scene. 

Not wishing to tease its listeners, the new single by Perfectparachutepicture erupts from ground zero, serving up a palette of familiar groove-trodden melodies coupled with vigorous drums. The local legends treat their listeners to a banquet of fuzz, a feast of distortion, a three-course grunge spread of hopeless optimism. The production is beefy and full, the bass distorted yet crispy clear whereas the drums are punchy beacons of satisfaction. There are few things more nourishing then well mixed drums.  

Explorations of self-dissatisfaction, a yearning for a better life, and for a life worth living reverberate throughout the poetic passages. With no real discernible structure, the song flows like a river, with no definable start or end.

It is one of those tracks that you could loop and lose yourself in, hypnotised by the infinite replayability. Wasting no time spending a minute drawing you in, and not bothering with a tiresome outro, ‘Cigarettes’ presents itself, generates chaos, and ends. Just like that. A superb single from a special band. I can’t wait for the album.