PerfectParachutePicture: Holy Rain

It’s funny how some of the best rock songs of the 21st century have come from duos. You’d think more people in a band would mean more heavy hits, but apparently not. The likes of the White Stripes, Black Keys, and Royal Blood have been providing us with our headbanging thrills since the new millennium, showcasing the power of the two-piece.

It’s this heavy, thrashy duo sound that (deep breath) PerfectParachutePicture have taken as their own. Spending years working on their craft and their sound, PPP (I’m not writing that every time) have created a tight, compact atmosphere of thunderous riffs and beefy beats. Their latest single “Holy Rain” is the culmination of their years of work. Where earlier singles sounded messy and unrefined, this sounds poised and precise. 

The single’s lyrics might focus on unaccomplished goals and the crushing reality of everyday life, but the music is as forceful and abrasive as any noise-rock compositions. The bass, fuzzy and full of attitude, is so stoner rock Josh Homme would weep a single, manly tear of pride. Drummer Kyle Ernest keeps the chaos in check with drum rhythms that set a driving pace, while his vocals are earthy and raw. They may be a little strained when reaching for belting highs in the chorus, but they’re engaging nonetheless. 

Overall, “Holy Rain” is a short blast of riffs, beats, and catchy lyrics; what more do you need?