Perfectparachutepicture : No Modern Desire

Perfectparachutepicture’s debut album ‘No Modern Desire’ shows off plenty of early promise for the Sheffield duo, as they demonstrate the kind of skill that could see them become big hitters in the alt rock scene in the not-too-distant future.

No Modern Desire’ is raw, frantic and by no means perfect- but it’s packed with undeniable talent. The two-man setup with effects-laden bass can be a limitation or a gimmick for some, but PPP have put the hard yards into making it not just viable, but a genuine strength.

What makes PPP stand out on this album is their gift for melody. The lack of a traditional guitar would have lesser artists thudding along, but many of the tracks here are both innovative and catchy.

Don’t let yourself think this is some sweet, melodic walk in the park though ‘No Modern Desire’ goes hard. When PPP say they’re a noise rock duo, they mean it. Just take the opener ‘The Hold’, which hits you like a breezeblock in a wind tunnel (in a good way).

One of the other striking things about this record is its level of consistency- the likes of which you don’t often see with a debut. All nine tracks are on a largely equal footing- no stinkers to drag the others down, and no standout moments of genius that would make you forget about the graft put into the album as a whole. It works ideally as a package.

Perfectparachutepicture are one of Sheffield’s brightest young acts, and to consolidate their early popularity into a really solid debut album is a dream situation. They’re still rough around the edges of course, but more practice at squeezing every drop of noise they can out of that setup can only keep them on their upward trajectory.