We review the new single from PerfectParachutePicture – They Only Want

Sheffield’s favourites PerfectParachutePicture return with a beefy new track titled ‘They Only Want’ with big riffs and familiar sounds.  

The duo who consist of Kyle Ernest on drums and vocals and Edward James on bass present a guttural introduction of driving bass guitar and rhythmic drums. PPP wear their influences on their sleeves which is something I have always picked up on, but with They Only Want, the band look to be taking their sound in new and exciting direction.  

The track has a range of styles from garage rock and hard rock with the bass guitar being the focused sound, which if you’re a fan of such acts as Death From Above and Royal Blood, you will love the mixture of Thunderous verses and groovy bridge styles.   

My problems with this track are few, except the chorus which I understand needs a good harmony change and riff, but damn I can just pick a few aforementioned names and even from the band themselves and feel I’m not being treated to anything new. It makes me concerned about how much one can do with this line-up structure and the variety of sounds we’re going to get.  

On the plus side the rest of the track feels fresh and new with some haunting electronics in the background. That electronic addition is something I’d love to see more from PPP, it fills out the track and makes the experience a lot more entrancing. In terms of the other instrumentation, the drums keep an easy-going rhythm whilst Ernest tackles the vocal role and provides a confident vocal range.  

PPP are great at structuring build ups to the chorus, bridge and even the outro in They Only Want and the raunchy and fat bass guitar resonates through my body.  

If you like your bass with a little more… bass, then PerfectParachutePicture have you covered for an all-round rock experience.  

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