We review the new single from Perfectparachutepicture – White Walls EP

An echo of vocals and a beating bass drum, followed by an eruption into the opening track ‘White Walls’ to kick off this EP in a strong fashion.

Sheffield-based duo Perfectparachutepicture certainly have a mouthful of a name, and they follow suit with their new EP ‘White Walls’. I don’t mean that it’s long and difficult to say, I simply mean that it’s dramatic and in-your-face.

The genre of these four tracks can best be described as alternative rock with a bite. This bite is harsh, and comes complete with thrashing drums, heavy guitar, and a looming and discomforting sense of doom.

Lurking around every corner is a drum fill or a screeching guitar riff. The duo have achieved a ferocity that is unmatched in comparison to a lot of new music at the minute, and I can only imagine that this will be even more impactful on the live stage. Perfectparachutepicture should be revved up for a summer of mosh pitting crowds and pints in the air.

The title track ‘White Walls’ is fit with playful lyrics which, combined with the band’s intense sound, gives the impression of what The Wombats would sound like if they suddenly discovered a super distortion pedal.

‘Idea’ comes next, and takes on a faster pace to really get the EP going. It properly gets right up in your face.

What follows in the song ‘The Stream’ is quite simply more of the tenacious vocals and intricate riffs. The lyric ‘the future is what we want it to be’ is one that sticks out to me. It seems the duo are taking their musical career by the reins, and they aren’t holding back.

‘Below’ is the final tune to drive things home. Yet another drum-smashing, head-banging rock song, it rounds the EP off on a loud note. It’s a perfect example of Perfectparachutepicture’s fierce attitude to their work.

Whilst the constant intensity may be a big selling point to some, the effect this has is blending the entire EP into one big continuous sound. I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed listening to this whole EP together. Perhaps a mixing up of tempo or intensity would have done some good.

I think this set of tunes shows just a glimpse of what this northern duo can achieve. They have the capacity to create music like this, and now I want to see what else they can do.