Phil Johari – Run (feat. Mark Lettieri.)

There is so much music out there nowadays, that it can all just blend into one. But sometimes out of all the noise, you manage to find a gem. Something that makes you go ‘Wow! How’ve I never heard this before?’ Phil Johari’s ‘Run’ is one of those gems. 

The funky blues riff gets you moving for the start, it is simple, but it works so well. Which could be said for most of the song. The drums keep a nice rhythm going and the vocals have a great voice with short catchy lyrics. Nothing complicated but put it all together and it just works perfectly. You don’t need to be fancy when you got the crowd moving and singing along to your music.

However, for those who want a little more spice, ‘Run’ is also on hand to provide. The guitar solo is a showcase of talent. It manages to keep with the feel of the song while just plain old showing off which is what you want in a guitar solo. It even manages to change the pace of the song speeding up the rhythm while still soloing. 

In particular, I love the way the solo abruptly end and just goes back into the normal riff, as if to say, ‘yeah that solo happened, so what.’ Casual as you like. It sums up the song as a whole, simple but oh so talented. With Phil Johari’s new album out soon where he states no 2 songs will be the same, there is an air of excitement after hearing his talent in ‘Run’.

Download Run HERE