Phoenix Mundy – Baby Blue

Songwriter and producer Phoenix Mundy enter the music industry with a promising debut, single ‘Baby Blue‘. A daring release that could go down in history as the track that started it all for this artist, ‘Baby Blue’ features elements of pop, jazz, and soul. Armed with a bewitching alto vocal tone that reminisces Hannah Reid of London Grammar, Phoenix Mundy looks over at the past year in her debut and what a year it was…

Coated with melancholy lyrics across an ethereal backdrop of hope, ‘Baby Blue’ captures spring in it’s palm while looking hopeful for a warmer time ahead. Inspired by the mood of the past year, the relatable number easily speaks to fans and showcases that Phoenix isn’t frightened to get personal with her music.

At just over 4 minutes long, ‘Baby Blue’ grooves with a hypnotic jazz beat under it’s mix while Phoenix’s vocals glide with confidence on top.

It’s inspiring to hear a vocalist with such a distinctive voice during these hectic times for the industry. Anyone and everyone can release music if they have a laptop now, and most music can feel somewhat robotic. Hearing ‘Baby Blue’, during times where most tracks are note-perfect and distinctively polished, is breathtaking.

More enchanting than ‘mainstream’ music, this is the type of song that will make you stop, think and feel. ‘Baby Blue’ requires your full gaze, it’s a fantastic debut.