Phonogramma – Mon President Est Egoiste

Often something is better in theory than in practice. And it seems that might be the case as far as Russian electronic duo Phonogramma go. A project founded at the beginning of 2020 by two well-established Russian producers Mike Von Gall and Slava Voroshnin, the duo have no fixed vocalist and instead employ a variety of writers and vocalists from around the world to record with them.

It’s an interesting concept for sure, and one that might well provide Phonogramma with some truly interesting results. Unfortunately, their latest single “Mon President Est Egoiste“, isn’t one of them.

A French language track featuring rapper Tony Blaster, it translates to My President Is An Egotist, and while the duo say that some people may see it as a political offering, it’s likely to rattle zero cages. What it does do, however, is seemingly go in one ear, and straight out the other.

A generic, Chemical Brothers-esque synthline forms the backbone of the track. Crunchy, angular and utterly familiar, it acts as a backdrop for a vocal track which at least offers up a little more spice, though is hard to take seriously, especially on repeat listens.

Thankfully, this might be the way that Phonogramma intended it to be taken. The video was certainly filmed with tongues planted firmly in cheek. That said, the video is perhaps the most memorable thing about “Mon President Est Egoiste”, and though someone who speaks French might well be able to glean more from it than a monoglot such as myself, I’m not about to learn for the purposes of this track. Maybe it’s me who’s the egotist.