Pib – All 2 Much

Fusing a world of dream-pop into a weird soundscape armed with individuality, Pib is an artist from Battle Creek, Michigan. Returning with latest single ‘All 2 Much‘ on December 11th, this is one hell of a track to finish a toxic year on a good note. Produced all in his bedroom, there’s a subtle fragrance of bedroom pop within the track’s production, which is becoming a golden part of today’s mainstream music.

Multi-talented and blending colourful soundscapes with melancholic lyricism, ‘All 2 Much‘ is best played loudly. Detailing the crossroads we all go through when battling transition and change, there’s either two ways we go about this. Either growing or falling, Pib exclaims how important it is to stick to your own guns and be true to yourself.

2021 is already a sort of crossroads for the world as we walk further into the unknown of the awful COVID Pandemic, Pib feels like an artist’s who music you can depend on during the darkest of days. At just under 4:50 minutes long, the track may not be the perfect length for radio but it certainly deserves recognition from across the globe.

Best described as an experimental artist with layers of character, Pib’s latest anthem adventures further into a realm of vibrance.