Pink Mirrors – Let Go

Starting out with this powerful electronic distorting bass, Pink Mirrors quickly set the tone they’re setting out for with a very unique sound. 

There’s this amazing blend of guitars and bass being blended together with electronic and space rock sounding tones that blast powerfully from the speakers with reckless abandon. 

With an absolutely incredible kaleidoscope of sound, using the aforementioned mix of electro coupled with hard rock influences alongside beating drums that themselves sound modified in some way. 

It’s very hard to categorise Let Go’s sound as a whole, with so much going on, and the fact that it never gives you a moment to breathe with it’s hyper fast pace. It’s akin to a firework display all setting off in one go at times, assaulting the senses in this explosion of different noise that somehow seems to work and never fly off the rails. 

Whilst some may be put off by the track with how it just piles on the variety of instruments and gets right up in your face with it’s volume, for a lot of people it will be one hell of a party anthem. 

With how much is going on, the vocals almost seem to take a back seat with their airy, breathy delivery that still belts out with a lot of power. It just seems that there is so much going on, they get swept up along for the ride and almost fall off into the background. But this never seems to do a disservice to the track, instead of letting you focus on the real meatiness of the track.

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