In their ode to Celexa, Pizza Crunch show maturation, laced with clever lyricism, an addictive chorus, and deceivingly dark themes.

In this track, Pizza Crunch have balanced the sound of a catchy indie-rock tune with some quite punky vocals. And of course, the wit and care put into the lyrics make Celexa uniquely raw and organic. It seems their lyric writing has reached new heights of self-reflection and progressed to something that feels unapologetically authentic. 

Substituting Celexa for what would have been a love interest, Ewan Hearns has spun the conventional its head, thus normalising and ironically romanticising the relationship and dependency on antidepressants.  

Juxtaposing from the melancholy lyrics, this song is full of life and is rhythmically head-bopping; with its wavy and brash guitar parts. This contrasted coupling of happy and sad is somewhat reminiscent of how The Smiths would compose their songs. 

The bassline and drums keep this track chugging along in the verse, making the chorus feel like an offload of energy, with the explosive vocals and guitar providing a euphoric feeling. 

Pizza Crunch are the kings of consistency, pumping out this tune alongside two others in their session with Catholic Action. This is all set to be released very soon, and there is a lot to be excited about, with their previous releases being held in such high regard amongst fans and writers.