Pizza Crunch – Coma-Inducing Gibberish

Naming your band is a difficult decision. If you’re lucky, inspiration can strike, and you end up with something memorable that everyone agrees on. More likely the case, however, weeks are spent wracking brains, and something is settled upon purely for lack of anything better. Fortunately for Glasgow’s Pizza Crunch, they fall into the former category.

Anyone who disagrees has clearly never enjoyed one of Scotland’s most inspired (and it seems inspiring) national delicacies and are wrong. Thankfully, the band’s latest single “Coma-Inducing Gibberish” isn’t nearly as artery-hardening as their namesake, but it is just as moreish.

Four minutes and 20 seconds (I see you Pizza Crunch) of upbeat and optimistic indie-pop, it bridges the gap between the ‘80s/’90s heyday of Scottish indie rock and post-punk with a more contemporary fizzy and frothy strain of indie pop.

The result is a track that feels familiar without feeling well-trodden, and that succeeds in differentiating itself from previous singles thanks to a more established sense of melody and pop sensibility. What it does share with its predecessors however is a wry sense of humour and self-deprecation within its lyricism, something that sets Pizza Crunch apart from much of their contemporaries.

Indeed, while a lot of Scotland’s, and indeed Glasgow’s, musical exports could be considered somewhat despondent or downbeat, Pizza Crunch manage to deftly balance the scales, buoying universal narratives with a uniquely Scottish sense of humour that reminds us that even if adult life is hard, confusing, and not quite what we pictured it to be, at least we can rely on some deep-fried carbs to boost the spirits.