Plasticine Porters – Age Old Disasters

After a year off after a stint touring around Ireland and Scotland. Plasticine Porters have come back Fresher than ever. With their EP ‘Train Of Thought’ released in 2017. Rikki and Danny have come back with new songs, a fresher logo and presence, and have chosen the aptly named ‘Age Old Disasters’ as the next track they want to release. The song raises questions that in recent times seem to have been forgotten. 

Climate change efforts that where prominent in the media mere months ago. But now seem to be on hold. With the Oceans and skies becoming clearer due to less pollution and natures creatures venturing into previously busy cities and suburban areas. Could all that positive healing be felled as we are now encouraged by government’s not to use public transport to go to work.

These are questions the lyrics make you feel. “Change our ways or face our demise”. Which for lack of wording are very ‘on point’ with current times. “Maybe its time to change?” maybe it is indeed. It’s taken a global pandemic to point out that the cause seems to be human error and greed. Another poignant line to think about is the chorus line, “Age old disaster, shows we can bleed”. Well if that isn’t a well fitted line for current times what is?

The song is very easy to listen too and very cleverly written for todays audiences whilst being reminiscent of the old school feels of influences The Beatles and Bowie. The previous From whom the band gained their name. ( Lucy in the sky with Diamonds reference).  The guys have a sound that resembles the old style pop rock sound that made The Beatles famous with Folk song lyrics.

This two piece hailing from Bangor NI. Have been playing together as PP for four years now, after previously being in a covers band that played weddings and functions. Rikki Jordan ( lead Guitarist, vocals) and Danny Boyle (Bass, vocals) realised they had a great rapport on stage and began writing together forming ‘Plasticine Porters’. 

 ‘Age Old Disaster’ and its catchy chorus and playful tune which despite the context of the lyrics fits perfectly together with the bands favoured style.

 With their music video showing scenes of a clown putting on his happy face, its scenes resembling those from ‘The Joker’ film. You start to think about mental health and issues that are very much taboo still in society. This brings me to a powerful line in the song that befits this scene “change our ways or face our demise”.

The rest of the video shows us scenes of nature and skies with planes zooming across, busy streets and traffic all the while reminding us that we are our own worst enemies when it comes to Climate change.

Watch the video HERE