Pleasure Centre – Disease Machine

This vicious new tune comes courtesy of Scarborough rockers Pleasure Centre, and its packed, savage sounds make for enthralling listening.

From this off this track is a battle of big sounds, all clamoring to be heard as it zigzags erratically and entrancingly between having a pretty straight indie tone and an off-kilter, experimental mass of noise. Rapturous lifting riffs whirl atop relentless drumming in its peaks before it comes up for air, always inevitably launching itself back into a frenzy before too long, though.

The real strength of Disease Machine comes through its ability to present the aforementioned frenzied feeling whilst always being musically as tight as you can get. It is far from noisy for the sake of being noisy, this is a smart, well-written track finding a gap somewhere too rough to be indie, but too organised to be punk.

The vocals, as with the instrumentals seem to perfectly wade in and out of the track. Rather than over egging it, they know when to drop out and allow the rhythms to intoxicate you. When they do come in though, with a moody but equally piercing quality, they leave an unmistakable impression, and are so beautifully suited to their surrounding sounds.

Apart from at times exuding some early Cold War Kids vibes, Disease Machine has the feel of real originality about it, thanks largely to the organised mayhem which ensures when they change up consistently through the track. It seems through this they have really located their place on the musical spectrum, and have already set about perfecting it.