RGM Podcast 41 : Vote now for your favourite tune / Exclusive Road Trip News / Unique RGM News!

Welcome to the new Podcast

We are teaming up with Syncr Music , to share new music with you and promote new music to the masses. VOTE NOW For your Favourite band and we will do a full feature on them for RGM. Band 1 – Denova – You’re not Alone.  Band 2 – Little Brother Eli – Oops  Band 3 – The Flavians – Non Stop Fun (All I wanted)

Syncr Music, a new music platform connecting emerging artists with blogs, filmmakers, record labels and more. They work with blogs like Born Music, Giglsutz, Fortitude Magazine and now us, building relationships in the music industry.

You can submit your music through there to be published on Spotify playlists, podcasts, and many more platforms.

Use Code RGM50 on the Syncr site to got 50% off your first month! Also take a look at the Syncr / RGM Spotify playlist. Find a new band to enjoy!

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