POESY – Diamonds

This month sees Canadian musician POESY return with her latest release, ‘Diamonds’. The track follows on from her debut single, ‘Soldier Of Love’, released last year, which landed on the Billboard Top 40 in America and hit high on the Candian charts, alongside her debut, 4 track EP, ‘Glass Box Confessional.’

‘Diamonds’ is emotive and incredibly powerful, filled with dark, mysterious melodies which listeners are going to fall head over heels for. The song was written and recorded in Toronto, with the influence of POESY’s self-acknowledged fascination with time, and nothing lasting forever, taking centre stage.

POESY (also known as Sarah Botelho) was discovered on Canadian talent show, ‘THE LAUNCH’, where she captured the hearts of the judges, and the Canadian public. Her breakout performance propelled her straight into the public eye, leading to her getting a major record deal and giving her the opportunity to collaborate with legendary artists such as Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne.

After being classically trained in vocals and piano at the age of 4, music has become POESY’s playground, she has vast experience covering many areas, including musical theatre, playing with rock bands and operatic singing. Her vocal range is super impressive, taking influence from icons such as Freddie Mercury, Kate Bush and PJ Harvey.

Diamonds’ sees POESY excel even further, it’s a song that everybody will be able to relate to, about experiencing dark times and having the ability to pull yourself through to the other side. With the release, POESY hopes to help fans ‘through their inner turmoil’. Speaking of the track, POESY states that it is called ‘Diamonds’ because ‘Diamonds are made under pressure, however they’re so valuable, the same as people.

With ‘Diamonds’, POESY magnificently captures her distinct sound and pairs it with flawless lyricisms that listeners are destined to fall in love with. POESY’s confidence shines through within ‘Diamonds’, a unique, vulnerable track directed by her personal experiences. ‘Diamonds’ is completely original yet relatable, made personal by POESY’s discussion of her own difficulties. It is clearly displayed here that POESY is a force to be reckoned with, it will be exciting to see her progression as an artist.