Polar States – Fade Out (Of Here)

If this track had come out 15 years ago it would have been a massive hit, but surely it has been long enough now for tracks that blend together the styles of indie rock and pop to surge into the mainstream once again. 

The Liverpool-based rockers deliver addictive choruses that take me back to a dreamy time of Feeder’s ‘Tumble And Fall’ album and the vocal deliveries from frontman Paul Tong are so clear and well produced they melt in my ears. 

Their bass and drum verses lead you into the anticipation and noise overload that the chorus brings and the background effects in the chorus would certainly paint a venue’s walls with a kaleidoscopic display of colour. 

The lyrics provide a deep meaning of wanting to escape all of the chaos in the world we are currently experiencing and I think the high notes on the guitar scream out that emotion of dissatisfaction we are all feeling these days. 

The track is well organised and put together with a simple verse to chorus structure giving it all the qualities of a pop/rock piece orchestrated by these guys who know their craft.