Polarized Eyes – It’s Not An Accident, Its Love

To put it simply: I’m blown away. In his brilliant new single, once again Polarized Eyes prove in just 2 minutes their unique excellence. I’m almost ashamed I have not heard of this group before, as everything from the sentiment of the song to the in-your-face drumming is impressive. 

After listening to this tune, you will be astounded when learning that Polarized Eyes consist of four teenagers. After forming in 2018, they have continued to turn heads and get a lot of recognition by big names such as Radio 1’s Jack Saunders. 

Despite their young age, Polarized Eyes do not let it stop them from writing songs that are intelligent and mature. Their songs deal with issues surrounding the Gen Z generation, and with their punky sound they have reinvented what it means to be punk. 

This sound is oozing with energy and frustration, it’s vocals are unapologetically loud and excellently pulled off. The simplicity of the bouncing rhythm guitar in the background couples with the dexterous drums making for a past faced verse, and the chorus builds seamlessly into a big noise that you do not want to end.