Pool Sharks : Craw

On my first listening of Leeds based garage rock band, Pool Sharks’, new single ‘Craw’ I wasn’t impressed at all. The off-beat vocals made the song feel uncomfortable and the music seemed very bland. I just couldn’t get into it.

However, on my second listen I found myself enjoying it. The off-beat vocals gave the song a nice edge and the music felt fun and lively. As I listened to the song more, I grew to like the song more.

Craw’ seems to be a very mood dependant song, and its not for everyone. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Pool Sharks have their own style and it isn’t your typical colour by numbers indie rock, they are taking risks. While this won’t appeal to everyone it offers new music styles in an oversaturated market.

Overall the music is really good, it has a happy vibe that plays just right in the background as the vocals take centre stage. As I said before the off-beat vocals give it an edge, but this style can take a bit of getting used to. Plus the multiple vocals in the chorus don’t mix well and does feel like a bunch of mates drunkenly singing.

The other let down in the song is during the bridge when the singing gets heavier and more shouty, it doesn’t match the rest of the song’s vibe.

Pool Sharks are interesting they aren’t trying to fit the mould and are creating their own style. They have the talent there; you can definitely hear it in ‘Craw’, but their style might not be for everyone.