Poploader – Summerboy Blues

Indie pop outfit Poploader have just brought us all a new summer treat all the way from Germany with their new track ‘Summerboy Blues’. Available to stream now on all the usual channels this tune will leave you feeling anything but blue.

Heaving with Indie and Britpop influence, this track is a joyous ode to the summer and newfound summer love.The track boats an upbeat riff that perfectly captures the essence of the sunny season. There’s something about this song that feels nostalgic, I can almost imagine having listened to it on holidays and on road trips as a child despite it not reminding me of anything I already know!

The chorus consists of a few catchy rhyming couplets which makes it an instant singalong track and the riff is a total earworm!

If you don’t know of Poploader they are a trio who initially started working together in the 90’s and I love that you can still hear the influence of that era. After a hiatus, the band reformed in 2020 and began making music again.

It’s a crying shame really that they won’t have had chance to tour their new stuff. I’m sure they must be dying to get back on the road after their break but it’s great that they will be bringing some optimistic upbeat tunes with them when they do!