Pornographic Sunset release their new EP – Gold Flesh Dirt

Not everyone might be able to imagine what an experimental metal band sounds like, but Leeds group Pornographic Sunset are here to show you. Their new EP Gold Flesh Dirt, released earlier in December, is a meeting of thrashing and wackiness to greet your ears.

If there was ever a formula for the chaos of their sound, it would be to take some massively distorted guitars and throw in strange interjections of sound and structure every so often. 

For some, the persistent mayhem of this EP might be a bit overwhelming. Pornographic Sunset are not for the faint-hearted, and I can’t begin to think how noisy their live shows could be.

‘Self in Solution’ sees the band chopping and changing between a whining, reverberated slow feel and an almost country rhythm. It’s an interesting listen, and takes a few times to really get to grips with it and take it all in.

The next track, ‘Session with Dr. Michaelson’, sees the band dabble in analogue noise that you wouldn’t expect from a metal song. That’s because Pornographic Sunset are more than that. They promise you elements of experimental, and they deliver.

‘Diabolical’ feels slightly more organised. This is driven by the funky yet structured rhythm, demonstrating that the band do have the ability to reign it in, they just don’t want to.

If you get through this EP and you’re left disappointed and wanting more, then hope is not necessarily lost. A fourth track to the EP, ‘Dead People’, is available on a limited set of engraved USBs which the band are freely distributing at their shows. If you want more, all you have to do is go and see them.

Listen to Gold Flesh Dirt down below to see if it’s your thing, and let us know what you think!