Post Rome – The Idea of Having a Boyfriend

Seizing their last chance to leave a mark on 2020, Post Rome released their latest piece of pumped up indie-rock ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ this month.

‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ jumps straight into its main hook instead of opting for a more common introduction/build-up. At the first listen, the music does sound a little convulsive as the song hasn’t quite set a scene for itself. The phrasing too seems a little peculiar as if the vocals were struggling to fit the lyrics in flowingly, but that being said, once you familiarise yourself with the song, the hook actually becomes quite catchy.

The mix of the track feels slightly rough around the edges, where the distorted guitars seem to take centre stage, putting themselves on parr with the vocals. Though the vocals can be made out, it’s a shame that they weren’t just a little more prominent in the mix as the hook really does grow on you and becomes an integral part of the track’s feel.

Despite the vocals feeling like their battling with the instrumentation at certain points, the fierce, biting, tone of the vocals cuts through for the most part which many other vocalists would struggle to do. The track is structured well and doesn’t hold the same air of predictability of verse placement and changeovers as typical guitar-band music, showing us a refreshing level of composition.

Describing the track’s themes, Jamie Martin (drummer of Post-Rome) tells us, “this is a song that does what is says on the tin, ‘the idea of having a boyfriend’ explores the feelings of people who simply just like having a partner rather than liking the person themselves…it’s simply a text message turned in to a catchy hook”.

Though there are small issues here and there with the overall mix, there’s no denying that ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ is a well-composed and catchy track from the band. The group are showing a mature approach to indie rock and before too long are bound to set themselves apart from the crowd.