Post-Rome – The Idea of Having A Boyfriend

Having been steadily building momentum in their native North East since their inception, Sunderland’s Post-Rome have been gearing up to take their brand of ambitious alt-rock/pop to a whole new level. Something that’s not gone unoticed by tastemakers such as BBC Introducing and It’s All Indie outlets that have supported the band’s previous releases ‘Different Kids’ and ‘Want to Believe’.

The band’s latest single, ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’, seems set to elevate the band from childhood friends to solidified Northern ones to watch. Drummer Jamie Martin explains “this is a song that does what is says on the tin, ‘the idea of having a boyfriend’ explores the feelings of people who simply just like having a partner rather than liking the person themselves.” He goes on to describe the fact that the song doesn’t take itself seriously revealing “it’s simply a text message turned in to a catchy hook.”

RGM are thrilled to be exlusively premiering the track ahead of it’s release on Monday 14th December. Check it out below: