Premiere : Huulen – Cold Caller

Baptised in the Dearne, moulded by the watery divide that connects Yorkshire’s ex-mining villages, and named after a legendary music venue in Bergen, Norway, Sheffield’s HUULEN aren’t your typical indie band. Forming from the ashes of their previous band Starkins, the four-piece harbour much of that same energy, while delivering it with a distinctly more mature twist.

Having garnered a reputation both in their native Yorkshire and further afield thanks to their own effervescent brand of indie rock and anarchic live shows, HUULEN are a band that leave a lasting impression. In testament to this, the band sold out a local comeback show within 4 hours as initial lockdown restrictions were lifted.

Indeed, it was the UK’s first lockdown that gave rise to HUULEN’s next set of songs. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and wasting their energy on cover versions recorded over webcams, the band turned their focus inwards, writing and recording, whilst taking a much more hands on DIY approach to recording. Latest single ‘Cold Caller’ is just one of the results. Something of a departure from previous singles, there’s a distinct moodiness of the track, only just offset by HUULEN’s inherent optimism.
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“Cold Caller was one of those songs that came together in about 40minutes. The whole song, the sheer moodiness of the riff resonated with us all individually on a different level” the band explain. “It’s about daily battle between the voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough while the people around you are urging you to look on the bright side. Everyone has one, it’s always an unwanted voice, something you never felt you would experience until you do. That’s the cold caller – smashing on your door at 2am – not one of the cheerier tunes that we normally come up with!”
Weightier though its subject matter is, there’s still an unmistakeable glimmer of hope than runs through both the track and HUULEN themselves. Something we all need a little more of in 2020.