Pretty Mafia – Benny Blanco

Available to stream now on all major streaming platforms, the latest single from Wakefield four piece ‘Benny Blanco’ instantly feels quite warm and nostalgic. It brings such a strong 90’s Brit Pop Vibe that, if I had to guess the band based on the introduction, I’d hands down say it was an Oasis tune.

Easing in with a pretty, melodic guitar riff it makes an ideal summer chill out song.

It’s quite a light easy listen track with a thought-provoking narrative. The song tells the story of a notorious local gangster who seemingly lives his life with the goal of causing havoc and being an all-round ‘bad guy’ but the song is about looking at Benny’s actions from another point of view and challenges the idea that his intentions are always bad.

It’s an enjoyable song but the production needs some tweaking, it sounds like the vocals peak in a couple of places and there is a moment where it’s tough to hear the vocal over the instrumental but these issues are few and far between and to be honest, it does give the song more of a live feel. It just meant that I had to turn it down in a couple of places.

In all though it’s a bit of an ear worm and is definitely quite catchy lyrically!