Project Culture – The Girl With The Sun In Her Eyes

Bringing back a very nostalgic idea, with a two track single with an “A-side and B-side”, Project Culture’s tribute to classic Britpop is a very strong outing. 

The title track is a pumping track, full of guitar reminiscent of every big indie and Britpop band from the UK from the last 60 years. Multiple names may come to mind, depending on your taste of music, but there’s plenty of influence there to unpack.

Despite the quick tempo there’s a lovely easy going feel to everything, with what can only be described as, a very summer music festival style arrangement of guitars. Rounded out with nasally, but nowhere near unpleasant or grating vocals, it makes for a great track that steams ahead and is borderline Punk with how fast it seems to come and go. It’s a great showcase of how you could pack every single big style of music to come out of post-war Britain into a single song. 

Me, Myself, and I (and the Other Five Guys), is the B-side song. Switching up singers, and switching up styles is a bold move. Using a more rock oriented feel with a stronger emphasis on the catchy guitar hook and fast paced pronounced drums. 

Incorporating a much larger focus on the music rather than the lyrics, there’s a heavy emphasis on the rhythm section. With moments for the strong guitar hook to shine, as well as a beautiful section where the bass rears its head. The B-Side isn’t in any way inferior to the main track, rather complimenting it and the band itself by showing the different strengths that are brought to the table. 

There’s a very nostalgic feel to Project Culture’s single here, and it just shows how deserving they are of their band name.