We review the new single from Proletariat – I’m Not Alright

Released during Mental Health Awareness week, Proletariat clearly have a message they’re wanting to send with I’m Not Alright

It’s generally a meandering and quite mellow track by design, and surprisingly works very well with this approach. It perfectly encapsulates some peoples struggles with mental health, but also only shows one small slice of life from a particular persons perspective. 

Whilst many songs have been written on mental health and other struggles, with the theme of life’s various ups and downs being an endless muse for musicians and songwriters everywhere. Proletariat still put their own spin on it by drawing from personal experience, describing a dreary life where the sun never shines and where you just drift along. The chorus of the song chooses to focus in on the singers acceptance of their mental health, continually voicing the fact that they’re “not alright”. 

Taking all these cues, the music itself fits very appropriately into this ideal. With a downbeat and wandering kind of feel to it. The guitars trail along at a steady pace and make an almost hypnotic beat as they repeat continually. It fits the theme of the singer feeling like their life is at a point where nothing happens and everything repeats itself. Whilst also injecting some life in by the end with a frantic and more chaotic delivery in the closing moments as the songs subject reaches their breaking point. 

It’s an interesting track that evokes a very human reaction from its listeners. It feels sincere in it’s portrayal of mental health struggles, which was an incredibly important factor to hit for the song. Proletariat not only succeeded, but put out a strong track that’s thought provoking, catchy and honest.