pulp live in manchester


The rain stopped and play continued at Sounds of the City festival yesterday evening. A large crowd assembled ready to relive 90’s Brit Pop legends Pulp in all their glory.

Kicking off the evening nice and early was Mr Maserati himself, Baxter Dury. Dury writhes arounfd the stage like a kung-fu snake…(if that is possible!) Dury is an excellent performer, surrounded by a tight band who indulge his extravagant behaviour. Known for his unusual stage wear, Dury appeared more modestly dressed in a suit, however, by the end of the set, this was removed and he had a bandana tied around his head and was gyrating wildly to a very appreciative audience.

Dury has a way of transfixing and captivating the audience, minimal interaction between songs. The set was completed by house inspired number ‘These Are My Friends’ insisting that we are all friends here tonight.

Renowned for their energetic and captivating live shows. Jarvis Cocker, took to the stage at Castlefield Bowl last night handing out grapes and chocolates to a very enthusiastic crowd. Appearing as a silhouette to a full moon backdrop, Cocker knew how to make his entrance. As the band launched into song number 2 ‘Disco 2000’ the confetti canons were set off, covering the Bowl in ribbons of yellow and pink…it was going to be a special night!

They know what they are doing this lot, tight musicianship, dynamic energy. Jarvis Cocker’s unique style of performance adds an extra layer of charm and showmanship.

He has a knack for connecting with the audience, captivating them with his witty banter and storytelling between songs, and handing out more goodies for the crowd as he goes through the illustrious setlist creating a sense of collective nostalgia and celebration, as fans sing along with their favorite tracks and embrace the band’s distinctive sound.

The atmosphere is typically lively, with an engaged crowd that feeds off the band’s energy.

The set came to a close with Common People, obviously, a band still in their prime with loads more to give.