Purple Grace – Running from September

After hiding away in the archives, Oxford-based indie rockers Purple Grace release ‘Running from September’.

Originally written nearly a decade ago, ‘Running from September’, the track which reluctantly says goodbye to the festival and summer season was finally released the latter end of last year. Though I’m sure the track carries a lot of nostalgia for the band, the 8-year-old composition feels a little dated as a 2021 release.

The track is very much typical indie rock which loses itself amongst the thousands who too were influenced by the oh-so-precious early days of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. Their overall sound feels akin to almost every homegrown support band you’ve seen down your local; yes they play well enough and are tight in their performance, but I still feel like I’ve heard this exact song one hundred times before.

Through slightly flat vocals attempting a gritty classic rock tone, the vocalist sings, “Here comes those festival blues, a few more friends I’ll never lose, completely broke from booze”. I do get the kind of vibe they’re going for, but the very literal lyrics that rhyme for rhyming’s sake doesn’t really help the typicality of the songs style. The addition of excessive drum fills, overdriven guitars, basic chordal structures and simple lyrics only let the song down further, not offering anything but recycled ideas to the listener.  

‘Running from September’ sadly just ticks every box in being a run of the mill indie rock track. The fact that it’s been sat on for 8 years is an obvious contributor to its substandard style, and unfortunately makes to track stand way past its time. If released at the time it was written, I’m sure the reception would have held up slightly better, but in their next release it would be interesting to see the band adapt to the music scene in a more modern, characteristic way.