We review the single from Purple Thread – Something Good

Something Good is a raunchy track that takes you on a magical journey with instrumentation that flies around your brain injecting it with funky endorphins. 

The Leeds-based Purple Thread have released a feel-good piece that blends together a mix of funk, punk and bluesy guitars and gives them a sparkly makeover with effected bass guitars and dominating vocals from Liz Mann. 

The track pulls you in with saucy guitars that scream Primus’ ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver’ and gives you a head bobbing, shoulder shaking experience which never relents. No member is left out and each instrument takes centre stage at the same time with blues guitars attacking you from the right and psychedelically groovy basslines from the left and roaring drums filling you in the middle with some sweet fills. 

It’s a hot song that desires to be played in a neon ballroom in downtown New York. The music fills my head with their purple colour and synthesisers in the background add an 80’s futuristic appeal as if we’re living in the Tron universe. 

Something Good screams glittery pop with its easily accessible sound, lyrics, and their funk style takes me back to popular sounds of the 70’s and 80’s, creating dance floor action. This time however, with the addition of faster, overdriven guitars and crystal clear recording.