Quarry – Micro Plastic People

London-based Quarry presents to us their track ‘Micro Plastic People’ which tackles the important environmental issue of micro-plastics.  

Frontman, Vittorio Tolomeo, who is the heart and soul of the band kicks things off with a chorus of vocals repeating the title of the track and is incredibly infectious. He makes sure to repeat it over and over again throughout the track so it’s planted in your mind.  

When the bulk of the track kicks in we’re showcased to a real funky verse that’s heavily bass driven and resonates through your body. Once the guitar kicks in with its gritty sound, I get the imagination of what would happen if Jack White and Jamiroquai combined their custom musical elements of blues and funk?  

The bass notes from the piano and catchy drum patterns create a very sunny and bright feel to Micro Plastic People and really have you hooked before the previously groovy vibes descend into a guitar-driven bridge. The song remains consistent throughout with a large focus on the chorus, trust me you’re going to be singing it whether you want to or not.  

An accompanying promo video shows frontman Tolomeo wrapped in plastic (is that a Twin Peaks reference?) and hopes to have videos of people singing along to the chorus.  

Originally, Quarry were supposed to be releasing an EP, but with Covid-19 getting in the way of release plans they turned their attention to this track they had been constructing. It’s an important track with subject matter that needs to be heard, and whilst doing so we can enjoy the groovy beats and raunchy guitar sounds that Quarry have to offer.