Rachel Mason and Aaron Lee Lambert – Make a Start

Wrapping a heartfelt message in a dramatic gospel package, Rachel Mason and Aaron Lambert share their latest venture ‘Make a Start’.

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Mason and Lambert wrote ‘Make a Start’ in solidarity with the black community who face bigotry and prejudice every day. Explaining their inspiration, Mason and Lambert tells us, “The message behind the song is that although we may feel insignificant and unable to make a difference in such a huge issue as racism, that’s not a reason not to try. Standing with our black friends and colleagues and being there to support them is a good way to ‘make a start’.”

Covering such a vital topic in their music, the musical duo have not shied away from theatrics and dramaticism in conveying their message. ‘Make a Start’ opens with diction-heavy, low-range male vocals over soft piano chords and resonant guitar licks. Though ambient, the vocals sound like they’re a lot more suited to captivating an audience on a west-end stage than a recording booth- each word is pronounced crystal clear and sees an advanced level of control. The track proceeds to the chorus through self-reflection and realisation that they could have done more to help fight the injustice already.

Building in texture with organ layers and harmonic backing, the vocals see an increase of power where hints of a more unique tone appear. The latter half of the track sees a kick of gospel excitement that really brings the track to life, but it would have been beneficial to see this kind of energy featured earlier in the track to really grab the listener’s attention from the off.

Humbly, the proceeds generated from ‘Make a Start’ will be split and donated to charities Babbasa and Black Ticket Project, an organisation which supports young black and ethnic people by giving them access to mentoring and opportunities to impact their lives for the better.