Rachel Mason and Nina Sundstrom – Get Over It

This month has seen mental health ambassador Rachel Mason collaborate with Nina Sundstrom to create the stunning, ‘Get Over It’ EP. The EP covers the emotive and often taboo topic of mental health, its title references what people often say to those who are struggling, despite it never being that simple.

Each track displays a different part of a person’s mental health journey. ‘Masquerade’ opens EP, resembling how sometimes it is easier to pretend that ‘everything is fine’ even though it really isn’t. The track is heartfelt and deeply meaningful, discussing how people tend to bottle up their emotions hoping they will fade away.

Second song, ‘Drown Without Water’ commentates on the lowest points that people struggling can reach. It is an emotive number which will resonate with many listeners.

With the EP, Rachel and Nina strive to spread awareness yet also hope to provide listeners with the courage to speak up about their own problems. The vocals through ‘Drown Without Water’ are gorgeous, adding even more depth to its lyrics.

Take The Next Exit’ gives listeners hope, the protagonist here is offering the suffer a hand and trying to help them to get better, ‘taking them home’. The song is touching, much like the others that sit alongside it on ‘Get Over It’, yet this one offers listeners more comfort. With stunning instrumentation that pairs wonderfully with its vocal harmonies.

Final track and title track, ‘Get Over It’, displays just how amazing Rachel and Nina are instrumental. Another number that will offer listeners comfort, reminding you to take your time and do everything at your own pace. It also reminds listeners to ‘live their lives for themselves’ and to not let anybody’s opinions get you down.

The ‘Get Over It’ EP sees Rachel Mason and Nina Sundstrom triumph, this EP is something that everybody should listen to and absorb, whether you just so happen to be struggling, or are trying to understand the mindset of those who are. This release will offer solace and comfort to many listeners, bringing a sense of togetherness, showing that nobody is alone in their fight.