Rachel Mason – Illuminate the Night

Singer-songwriter Rachel Mason’s latest single ‘Illuminate the Night’ is a touching ballad, raising awareness for postnatal depression.

“Some days I’m happy, some days I’m numb, some days a ghost drifting through/ but all my bad days don’t make me a bad mum, I’m stronger than I ever knew/ The woman you are has been redefined, a brave mother who has overcome,” Mason sings, painting an honest picture of living with post-natal depression.

Musically, ‘Illuminate the Night’ is stripped back indie-folk, built around piano chords with a twinkling of acoustic guitars, adding to the personal and heartfelt feel of the song. The track is minimal and simplistic in style, allowing for Mason’s soft vocals and lyrics to be the focal point of the piece.

Mason, an award-winning songwriter, explains her personal experience of postnatal depression as the inspiration for the track: “I wrote this song based on my experiences suffering with postnatal depression after the births of my children.

After her own illness, Rachel is now a mental health ambassador and runs song-writing workshops to aid those with maternal mental health issues. It was in fact in these sessions where she started writing ‘Illuminate the Night’.

“The lyrics are based on those written at one of my song writing workshops last year with other mums struggling with their mental health and the song has been released as a charity single with all money going to maternal mental health charity PANDAS.”

‘Illuminate the Night’ is overall a poignant and much needed track, challenging stereotypes of postnatal depression and allowing suffers to know that they’re not alone in their struggle.